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Contact Information

This page describes the various forms of communication that are avaliable to contact the OAEP.

Contact Information

Email is the best form of communication. Normally, responses will be sent between 1-2 business days.

Email: (c/o Donald Chao)

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High School Curriculum (Aug 20)
Donald Chao, the OAEP's Executive Director/Founder, has collaborated with the Institute for Systems Biology to develop high school curriculum titled "Ocean Acidification: A Systems Approach to a Global Problem." Click  to check it out! Petition (July 16)
The OAEP's petition for green energy alternatives in WA state has reached 130 signatures! Grant (June 6)
The OAEP has recently won a $500 grant from, in conjunction with American Express!
Letter to the Governor (April 19)
The OAEP sent a letter to the Honorable Chris Gregoire, the Governor of the state of Washington, on April 19, 2011.
Letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant (May 4)
The OAEP sent a letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant, a prestigious seafood restaurant in Downtown Seattle.