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This page includes various resources avaliable to the public, including websites, videos, and documents.


Ocean Acidification is a direct result of the skyrocketing carbon dioxide emmisions released through the burning of fossil fuels, motor vehicles emmissions, and through other sources. The carbon dioxide accumulates and is dispersed throughout the atmosphere. Eventually, it reaches bodies of water, where is reacts with the water and forms carbonic acid. Over time, the carbonic acid gathers and causes the ph of the water to decrease, increasing the acidity level. The water then becomes corrosive and starts to deteriorate the shells of crustaceans and shellfish such as crabs, lobsters, oysters, and mussels. This drastically decreases the quality and quantity of seafood and harms the fishing, restaurant, and tourism industries, daily recreation activities, and the overall economy surrounding the body of water.

ocean acidification diagram 2

In collaboration with the Institute for Systems Biology, the OAEP has developed high school curriculum centered on ocean acidification. Titled "Ocean Acidification: A Systems Approach to a Global Problem," the curriculum module can be accessed by clicking here.

Below is a diagram for a visual guide of the ocean acidification cycle.

ocean acidification cycle diagram

Although ocean acidification has not received significant media attention, there are a few resources that may be found around the web. Below are some websites, videos, and documents explaining the ocean acidification crisis.


The Natural Resources Defense Council strives to protect the envrionment, and specializes in natural resources. This website explains the causes and effects of Ocean Acidification thoroughly.

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification


This is a short but informative documentary that delves into the causes and effects of ocean acidification. It also features interviews with leading experts and professors.

koflash is a website created by scientists, and gives a straight scientific analysis of ocean acidification, and includes many graphs and diagrams to help explain.

ABC News

This video by ABC News
provides a news report on
ocean acidification, and
includes video clips
and images that give key
visuals to how carbon dioxide
is affecting the ocean.


New Video Released (Dec 03)
The OAEP's has released a new video titled "Save the Oceans, Save the Sports", which targets teens and young adults. Click HERE to watch the video. Petition (July 16)
The OAEP's petition for green energy alternatives in WA state has reached 130 signatures! Grant (June 6)
The OAEP has recently won a $500 grant from, in conjunction with American Express!
Letter to the Governor (April 19)
The OAEP sent a letter to the Honorable Chris Gregoire, the Governor of the state of Washington, on April 19, 2011.
Letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant (May 4)
The OAEP sent a letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant, a prestigious seafood restaurant in Downtown Seattle.

Additional Documents:


Click here to view a graph explaining the cycle of ocean acidification in the Puget Sound.