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This page includes various news articles and updates of the OAEP.


August 20, 2012- High School Curriculum


Donald Chao, the OAEP's Executive Director/Founder, has collaborated with the Institute for Systems Biology to develop high school curriculum titled "Ocean Acidification: A Systems Approach to a Global Problem." Click here to check it out!

December 03, 2011

The OAEP has released a new video titled "Save the Oceans, Save the Sports", which targets teens and young adults. Tell us what you think!

July 16, 2011- Petition


The OAEP reached 130 signatures on the petition to increase green energy alternatives in Washington State! The petition may be viewed by clicking here.


June 06, 2011- Do Something Grant

The OAEP received a $500 seed grant from on June 06, 2011. is a non-profit organization that provides youth with resources to make positive changes to their communities. Click here to view a graph depicting grant resource allocation.


May 04, 2011- Letters to Seattle-area Companies

The OAEP sent letters to various Seattle-area companies, including Ray's and Trident Seafoods, on May 04, 2011. The letter can be viewed by clicking here. Responses to the letter may be viewed by clicking here.


April 19, 2011- Letter to Governor Chris Gregoire

The OAEP sent a letter to the Honorable Chris Gregoire on April 19, 2011. The response may be viewed by clicking here.