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This page entitles the mission statement of the OAEP along with various other statements relating to the goals of the OAEP.


The OAEP strives to educate individuals and organizations on their impact on ocean acidification and the Puget Sound. The social objective of the OAEP is to education individuals and corporations on their impact on ocean acidification, focusing on residents of Washington State. The legal goal of the OAEP is to influence lawmakers to implement stricter and more effective methods of carbon dioxide emission reduction. To achieve this, we must utilize massive letter campaigns. In educating individuals and organizations, we hope they will take effective measures to reduce their carbon footprint(s). We hope that fishing companies will implement more energy-saving engines and boats, such as the Steyr Hybrid Marine Engine. Also, individuals can help by utilizing mass public transport, electric and/or energy efficient appliances, such as the METRO for bus transport, and ENERGY STAR appliances. Our goal is to increase public transport boardings to 110 million, surpassing the 2009 record of 107,706,514 boardings. Eventually, we will check to see our progress through inquiring the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, to see if the acidity in Puget Sound has increased, decreased, or remained the same. The ultimate goal is to decrease the acidity or at least prevent the acidity from increasing in Puget Sound.


Steps to realize those goals:


Green= Step Completed

Blue= Step in Progress


1. Write to local (council members and mayors) , state (governor, senator) , and national (president) government expressing concerns over ocean acidification.

2. Establish contacts within corporations and organizations, educate them on Ocean Acidification. Examples included Trident Seafoods, Sound Publishing (newspaper), and various restaurants.

3. Expand current website and plan educational materials, update when necessary.

4. Design charts (timelines, flowcharts, etc.), flyers, and brochures. Print the materials.

5. Establish ties with Environment Clubs at multiple schools around the Seattle –area. Send them educational materials and assign an area for them to educate.

6. Attend Green Festival, an expo on earth-friendly products/services, as an exhibitor. Have attendees sign a petition and educate them on Ocean Acidification, through games and activities.

7. Submit petition to local officials, state lawmakers, and national figures.

8. Check back with corporations to see if any significant changes were made.

9. Collaborate with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and the Pacific Science Center to examine research on current oceanic acidity.


Below are some organizations that the OAEP has teamed up with, who have similar missions/ideologies.