Welcome to the OAEP

Created by Donald Chao in 2011, the Ocean Acidification Education Project (OAEP) strives to educate individuals and organizations on their impact on Ocean Acidification and the Puget Sound.

Watch our new video: Save the Oceans, Save the Sports!

Why Does Ocean Acidification Matter?

From an environmental stance, occean acidification alters the natural acidity of the Puget Sound, and is not conducive towards the prosperity of marine life. From an ethical standpoint, ocean acidification renders the Puget Sound less bountiful for future generations to enjoy. From an economic stance, ocean acidification devastates seafood restaurants, fishing industries, and tourism through a decline in seafood healthy, quantity, and quality. Click below for more information.




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New Video Released (Dec 03)
The OAEP's has released a new video titled "Save the Oceans, Save the Sports", which targets teens and young adults. Click HERE to watch the video.
Change.org Petition (July 16)
The OAEP's petition for green energy alternatives in WA state has reached 130 signatures!
DoSomething.org Grant (June 6)
The OAEP has recently won a $500 grant from DoSomething.org, in conjunction with American Express!
Letter to the Governor (April 19)
The OAEP sent a letter to the Honorable Chris Gregoire, the Governor of the state of Washington, on April 19, 2011.
Letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant (May 4)
The OAEP sent a letter to Ray's Boathouse Restaurant, a prestigious seafood restaurant in Downtown Seattle.